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Reel Life is a slot machine-centric farming sim where luck, rather than scale, helps to determine your fiscal success. Farming, fishing, mining and more – collect goods to sell from slot machines scattered throughout the world. Leave it all to fate or game the system to make your dreams come true!

About This Game

Jump from country to country in a large, luck-based, slot happy world. Spend your days however you want – there’s no end goal or time limit; forage, fish, mine, or grow crops for money – or maybe hit up the coin slots in travelling fairs or casinos in search of that jackpot.

What’s all that money for? How about purchasing additional farmland – in multiple countries! Build houses, barns, and crafting stations to maximize profit, or to give you more room to decorate. Craft your perfect farm with furniture, décor, and garden objects.

And when your house is just right, maybe it’s time to go out into the world and find the perfect partner to help call it ‘home’. But who needs romance when you have a heaping handful of friends? Loneliness is a thing of the past when you can schedule dinner parties or get togethers to liven things up.

Reel Life strives to be a relaxing, comfortable, and rewarding gameplay experience – no matter the feature you choose to focus on.

Our goal for Reel Life is to provide a relaxing point-and-click farming sim experience that can be played in short or long bursts. We are striving to make a fulfilling and enjoyable gaming experience, ideal for those looking to wind down after a long day of school or work.

  • An initial 3×3 slot format is used in harvesting and foraging, with a limited amount of free spins awarded daily per slot machine type.
  • Use tokens to get more spins. Tokens can be won or purchased with gold.
  • Every slot machine will offer a chance to win a special bonus on each spin. Examples include free spins, free tokens, and multipliers. Temporarily increase your bonus chances by using certain items.
  • The game will start in Rosenvale, a rural nation with temperate weather, that will initially offer 3 women and 5 men to romance – with more to come!
  • Raise crops, orchard trees, flowers, and chickens on your farm. More crop and animal types are on the way.
  • Win rare crops, fish, wild game, and gems for more profit. Each country in the world will offer a chance at winning unique rare gemstone crops, fish, and wild game. Watch the money roll in when you plant your first gemstone tree!
  • Cooking!
  • Eight holidays per year per country. Each country will have four national and four global holidays, all celebrated in their own unique way.
  • Friendship and Romance levels are separate. No more hurt feelings when you just want to be friends.
  • Trigger relationship events for each resident to give you additional insight into their lives.

Genre Standards

  • Customize your player avatar – hair, skin, gender, and clothing. Outfits can be crafted, bought, or found.
  • Build, upgrade, and decorate your home – and the world at large – with bought or crafted furniture and décor.
  • Build or buy refiners and workbenches to turn products into even more valuable goods.
  • Build or buy barns to house animals, or build shacks to offer additional workspace.
  • Buy better fishing rods to increase your success with catching fish. Better rods mean bigger fish.


  • Marriage and divorce.
  • Boost platonic or romantic relationships more quickly by scheduling or accepting dates with residents. Or, trust your luck and roll a die to see if you can go up a relationship level.

And More!

  • Travelling merchants that can offer better deals and rare items.
  • An expanded inventory of food, fish, animals, crops, and much more.
  • Capture or purchase monsters to battle against wild monsters. That’s right, it’s slot vs. slot! Winners get gold and prizes. Losers get DEATH. So be sure to win.

Globe Trotting

  • New countries to visit and call home, each with unique items and residents.
  • If you’re going abroad, consider taking along a local resident for a day trip or romantic getaway. Just remember to get everybody’s visas in order!
  • Elemental temples in each country will offer rare and valuable goods. Defeat the temple guardians and get access to new areas and better loot!
  • Specialized museums in each country for players to donate their finds.
  • Maximize your luck nationally and globally, or just leave it up to chance!

Social Networks

  • Romance any adult resident that you want! Are they already married? Why not have an affair? Or perhaps you could ‘help’ them get divorced. …Or widowed.
  • Residents can have their own relationships, too. Help them find love or friendship. Or, if you’re the bitter type, do the opposite and wallow in their tears.
  • Buy houses and land in new countries. Use it for yourself or move in a resident to permanently influence their future.

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System Requirements


    • OS: 10
    • VR Support: No

Reel Life Game Download

Title: Reel Life

Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Early Access

Release Date: Q3 2023

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