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A nostalgic metroidvania from the good old days back in 19XX. Take on the role of Sean, a young boy who ventures into the fictional city of Arostia to repay his father’s debt. Rescue your 3 friends from imprisonment, defeat strong enemies, all while getting your debt paid in time!

About This Game


Set in the rural town of Arostia in the year 19XX,
young go-getter Sean and his ensemble of like-minded buddies Foodie, Bruce and Doc band together to form The Noogies, a hopeful gang that dream of one
day striking it out on a real adventure together.

On one most frightful occasion returning home, Sean is confronted by a dastardly loan shark lying in wait.
In addition to sealing his most trusted friends within the labyrinth of various underground areas and chasms of the region,
a ludicrous demand is made that outstanding debts left by his absent father must be repaid in full no sooner than by the end of the day…

In spite of this most precarious situation, where one might succumb to crippling despair, a burst of excitement erupts within Sean –
The opportunity for a true adventure has at long last finally revealed itself!

But is this small town country boy truly cut out for the road ahead? Capable of not only saving his friends but also recovering such exhorbitent funds?

The days we can’t get back shine the brightest

An exploration-based Metroidvania infused with a blend of the newest in game development technological innovation both mechanically and graphically, pushing the boundaries of what makes a pixel art game.
A marriage of retro nostalgia and inventiveness, envisioned with warm and expressive lovingly crafted pixellated visuals.
Traverse The Good Old Days through the shoes of a unique roster of 16-bit style characters, hand crafted by skilled and passionate veterans of the industry.

Metroidvania with a blend of 80’s young adult fiction and classic retroism.
In a nutshell, The Good Old Days pays homage to the general nostalgia of teenage youth, the times that were and what could have been.
Throughout your adventure across the play space, you may encounter easter eggs and references that strike a chord scattered and hidden across the game world.
Reminisce about the dreams of adventure from those days gone by throughout your playthrough with this gripping, multi-faceted story!


The ultimate focus is on exploration; get that money and clear your debts!
This game is not necessarily about standing up and fighting against an overbearing evil per se.
Paramount above all else, the real aim is to clear the debt left by Sean’s father within the time limit through exploration, navigating through at your own pace with the decision to enter conflict entirely up to the player.

Many ways to play and beat the game
Nab the money dispersed in secretive locations from place to place.
Run the gauntlet and complete difficult a[titude testing challenges called trial stages.
Complete side quests which hold a bearing on the final outcome of the game.
Win the lottery!
Become a gambling afficionado!
Indulge in a riveting selection of minigames!
Defeat the malign gang of nefarious individuals vying for your downfall.
And more!
Experiment with different routes and methods for obtaining capital, and at all costs make sure that money has been returned before that time runs out!

Characters with distinct personality and individuality along with diverse and dynamic quests.

Take charge of a unique roster of 4 playable charactes, and face the trials and tribulations ahead within the different areas and quests.
Each party member has their own distinct ability, which affect both movement and interaction as well as quest lines themselves!
Through deftly utilising and switching between the skillsets each character brings to the table, explore Arosteria to its fullest extent without restraint!
What is more, expect an intriguing and rich array of charismatic residents within the world throughout your journey.
These denizens possess their own personal quests and agendas, which dynamically branch off.
New and exciting developments await with each individual playthrough!

Endings which are dynamically affected via multiple playthroughs
The ending story gradually unravels with each seccessful completion of the main game.
Clearing the game time and time again will gradually reveal the continuation of the ending.
Through multiple full playthroughs your choices as the player will have an impact on which ending ultimately befalls our heroes.
What future is in store for this brave band of adventures is up to you and your decisions spanning the game.
Unlock all of the various endings with outcomes ranging between multiple separate and distinct thematic conclusions.



System Requirements


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: 2.8Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512mb Video Memory, Shader Model 2.0+
    • Storage: 4 GB available space

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system



Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie



Release Date: Coming soon

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