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Manipulate time! Let’s do mischief! Helpless 10 year olds are given only one weapon: a clock.     This world will soon be destroyed…

About This Game

──This is Azurheim. A world that will soon be destroyed.──

The “Chronium,” the heart of the world, will be destroyed and pieces will rain down all over the world.
Only children under 10 years old can survive for six months until the end of the world.

Strategic battles in which players use clocks to manipulate time.
A beautiful world spun on a hand-drawn map.

As the world is heading for collapse….
The world is on the verge of collapse… “Polluted Beasts” of Chronium, mysterious “Bad Ghosts” that eat people, and…. humans.
A story of seven people and one cat who face various threats.

Strategic battles in which players manipulate time using “clocks”.

Child characters (and the cat) have “clock” during battles and you can set skills at 0, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock on the clock.
Collect new “clock skills” and manipulate the hands of the clock to gain an advantage in battle.

And exhilarating combat with skill after skill by adult characters!
Combine the strengths of children and adults to create the best synergy.

Naughty, naughty, naughty!

Children are mischievous… even if the world is falling apart!
Scribbles on adult’s backs!!
Scare them with firecracker and make them jump up!!

A serious story filled with tension can be ruined by you…!
A new side story can be born from a prank…?!


-All maps and characters are hand-drawn, and the world is decorated with warm graphics.
The sound is also original.
-The storyline is rich with time leaps, and the main character tries to change his destiny.
What is different from other works, however, is that when you go back to the past, your memories are definitely not retained.
-The collapse of the world does not happen in an instant, but gradually devastates.
The field screen shows erosion, and the earth is gradually becoming dirtier and dirtier.
The icons that show where you can move around change from orange to red.

The cooking system is a very simple and easy to use system.
The main character, “Is” is an energetic girl who is an excellent cook.
She will show her skills in her travels.

This game is an RPG with active time battle.
It’s fast-paced, strategic, the characters are cute, and the bananas are delicious! 🍌
Character development is the usual level up.
You can further develop your character and collect skills through exploration and side stories.
Explore contaminated areas and you may find something more valuable.

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows10、Windows8/8.1、Windows7、
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Storage: 800 MB available space

Little Eternal Chronicle Game Download

Title: Little Eternal Chronicle

Genre: Indie, RPG


Little Eternal

Release Date: 2024

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