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Deckbuilder. Roguelite. Metaprogression. Words are a weak attempt to describe reality – in Annuit Coeptis you use cards to wreak violence across a land poised upon the brink of destruction. Will you defy the End of the World?

About This Game


It’s the End of the World. A series of natural disasters have been set in motion that will wipe out the world of man in a few short days. Time enough to test your wits and skill against the madness. Build a deck before and during a run, upgrading cards to face the challenges present in each stage. Every enemy poses a different threat, with multiple attack types and maneuvers. Defeat is only a setback – your progress in each run provides you with the means to improve your deck going forward. This is the deckbuilding roguelite for adults.


Fast-paced card combat against a wide variety of foes. Use your attacks strategically to defeat enemies. Anticipate their actions to minimize the damage you take – to prologue your inevitable death? Or, perhaps, to win.


During a run you will have opportunities to expand and customize your deck. Add new cards for stronger attacks and to gain new options in combat. Each individual card may be upgraded as well, choosing from a variety of effects including buffs and attack damage.


Between runs you can spend Useless Trinkets obtained during previous runs to unlock better cards. You may also lock away cards you no longer wish to appear in your deck. In this way, you can craft the deck you start each run with to your own style and approach while increasing in power to make it further with each playthrough.


The land of Zoryavia is a fully-realized dark fantasy kingdom. As you cut a bloody swathe through the country, you will witness firsthand the breakdown of society and the crumbling of order. You will collect various discarded items, each with a story to tell about the world, its past, and its people. You may also learn of darker things unknown to men – the old gods and beasts that dwell beneath the earth. Will you be strong enough to reach the source of the calamities? Only time will tell.

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System Requirements


    • OS: Tested for 64-Bit WINDOWS 11 and previous
    • Processor: Tested for x64-based processors
    • Memory: 8 MB RAM
    • Storage: 310 MB available space

    • OS: WINDOWS 11
    • Processor: 2.9 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Storage: 310 MB available space

Annuit Coeptis Game Download

Title: Annuit Coeptis

Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early Access


SLAQ Games


SLAQ Games

Release Date: 17 May, 2024

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