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It’s a sandbox cultivation game where players recruit and train talents, build their own homesteads, practice alchemy and crafting, battle monsters, and collect materials. The combat mode features automatic side-scrolling battles with companions, meanwhile player can click cards to execute attacks.

About This Game

Important Note: This game is still in the testing phase, currently developed about 50%. Due to being developed by a small team and lacking sufficient testing feedback, we are releasing it early to gather player feedback. Please do not compare it to games developed by professional teams over many years. There are still many features to be implemented and numerous bugs waiting to be resolved.
English version will come soon.

Game World:
The game world concept blends Chinese ancient mythology, geographical texts like Shan Hai Jing, and the Buddhist concept of the Three Realms Six Worlds. In this world, there are demons, monsters, spirits, gods, and even creatures from both Eastern and Western mythology. Players can choose any race to begin their cultivation journey. Of course, it’s all thanks to a nine-tailed celestial fox’s avatar taking residence inside your body. With her presence, you have protection and guidance – if you can’t win, at least you can escape!

Art Style:
The game’s content includes monsters from both East and West, giving it a fusion of artistic styles rather than being purely Eastern or Western. The style might still be immature, and many character images may be rough; we ask for your understanding. The complete version will be more refined. Although I corporated AI assistance into development a year and a half later, the artistic style was already mostly formed.

Game Mechanics:
1.Random Generation: Randomness is a core aspect of this game. Maps, dungeons, characters, equipment attributes, and even some martial arts attributes are all randomly generated.
2.Casual Combat: Originally, combat was turn-based RPG in a side-scrolling format. However, due to laziness, characters now fight automatically, and I disliked repeatedly selecting skills, so I made skills appear as cards for easy selection. It’s not a card game, though some skills can change the tide of battle. When selecting cards, time in battle flows at 1% bullet time.
3.The game focuses on character selection and cultivation. Only those with high talent can go far. Players can recruit characters with good relationships to join them. Different races have different leveling methods. The higher a sect’s reputation, the more visitors it attracts, so early on, players should recruit from surrounding towns.
4.The island serves as the player’s home or sect and can be developed. Inside, players can forge items, practice alchemy, and interact with companions.
5.Players can explore and attack other locations, including towns and sects, and may be attacked by other sects.
6.Companions. have expenses, so players need to earn money to avoid bankruptcy.
7.As buildings increase and levels rise, players can unlock portals to other states and even realms, each with different monsters, rules, and loot.
8.Finding other tails and challenging the gods from Shan Hai Jing is the game’s main storyline, if it has one.
9.Each tail has different but powerful skills, and each tail represents a save file. You can learn other tail’s skills by only defeat that tail. Don’t forget it, it is all your save data.

Hello, everyone! I’m the developer, LouisWu. This game originated from a dream I had two years ago. I dreamt I transformed into a nine-tailed fox being chased by cultivators. While dodging them, I also tried to catch fox pups (ironically, I’m male). I woke up with vivid memories of the dream and recorded everything I could remember. Later, I decided to pause the development of a sailing game and create this one.

Adult Content Disclaimer:
The game may contains some extremely simple dialogues for flirt and procreation. Few demon characters may have female or human body characteristics. Few human outfits look like bikinis may be somewhat sexy, and some nine-tailed fox characters may be sexier. This game has no sexual assault/non-consensual sex, and no drug or alcohol abuse.

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: 1.1 GHz+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB
    • Storage: 2.5 GB available space

The Nine Tailed Celestial Fox Game Download

Title: The Nine Tailed Celestial Fox

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Release Date: Coming soon

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