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Valhalla is a Yuri-themed cinematic narrative visual novel focusing on the sisterly love and transformation of Hikari and Nøva, heiresses of Norway’s leading biotech giant Ravenscorp, evolving from naïveté to power, culminating in Hikari’s rise as ‘The Black Raven.’

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Set a Fire in Your Heart
Welcome to Valhalla, the prologue short story of “The Meridian under the Heaven” series, the origin story of the Black Raven.
The story unfolding in Norway in the 2040s centers around the daughters of a Norwegian entrepreneur who founded a cutting-edge biotech company “Ravenscorp.”
The narrative begins with the eldest daughter of Ravenscorp’s founder and his first wife from a Japanese consortium, “Hikari Sunnvei,” transferring to Norway. She dreams of reuniting with her half-sister, “Nøva Sunnvei,” from whom she has been separated for ten years, yearning for a life filled with familial warmth and happiness. However, unbeknownst to her, she becomes entangled in a sinister conspiracy involving family secrets and a struggle for inheritance, which utterly upends her world.
Years after the conspiracy, in a future world dominated by capitalistic forces over governments, the Black Raven, a mysterious entrepreneur who is controlling a great power, rose to prominence.


  • Explore the intricate and heartwarming sisterly bond between Hikari and Nøva Sunnvei, and witness the transition of Hikari from a schoolgirl into a coldblood super entrepreneur and other intriguing characters.
  • Immerse yourself in several emotionally charged and well-designed cinematic scenes, accompanied by stunning original music and impactful performances, along with traditional visual novel chapters aimed to deliver smooth emotions. All characters and NPCs are voice-covered.
  • Experience the 3D audio technology and pre-rendered audio ray tracing, which together create an immersive sound environment without the requirement for surround sound and ray-tracing hardware. Ideal for stereo headphones, this technology situates you at the center of the gaming world.
  • A visual novel uses innovative technologies, such as cinematic scenes built on highly numbered animated illustrations on an advanced illumination, a Vtuber-like facial-capture system, and cutting-edge object-based 3D audio technology, which makes players feel like a “visual novel” becomes alive..


“How would I be safe and happy if you kept rushing me … forcing me to become someone I don’t want to be?!”
Hikari Sunnvei, the eldest daughter of the founder of Ravenscorp and his first wife, a Japanese financial magnate, transferred from Japan to Norway, diligently preparing to take over the family business. She is strikingly beautiful with impeccable manners, epitomizing perfection. However, Hikari is a strongly “siscon” beneath her polished exterior, desiring nothing more than a tranquil life reunited with her. She holds no interest in inheriting the family business or becoming a public figure. Unaware, Hikari becomes entangled in a conspiracy orchestrated by mysterious forces, leading to the eventual unraveling of her world.

“Our family business…Raven’s corporation was built to alleviate human suffering through technological advancements so that every child could grow up healthily.”
Nøva Sunnvei, the younger daughter of the founder of a Norwegian biotechnology empire and his second wife, elegantly fulfills the dual roles of the company’s spokesperson and a national idol. Affectionately known as ‘The White Raven,’ her captivating personality and pure appearance have won the hearts of the local populace, widely recognized as the heir to the Ravenscorp. However, two years ago, in a conspiracy involving family secrets and a struggle for inheritance rights, Nøva sacrificed herself to protect her sister, Hikari. Her sudden passing left an irreparable void in the heart of ‘The Black Raven’ and sparked a series of conspiracy theories among the public about the upper echelons of Raven Industries.

Characters (Modern)

“I won’t repeat their folly. The world requires someone resolute to set things straight. And before that, I must rise resolutely. Hate me, paint me as the villain if you’d like. But the world is cruel. That fact cannot change. I fear for the day I’m not the head of Ravens Industries. Not for me, but for this country.”
The Black Raven, the protagonist of the game, is the head of an exceptionally advanced biotech company, “Ravens Industries” (formerly Ravenscorp). Her world was shattered two years ago when an accident claimed the lives of her beloved sister and father, leaving her severely injured and with only one arm. She was forced to accept life-saving mechanical augmentations, which were still a subject of debate at the time. Two years later, the enigmatic Black Raven emerges as the leader of Ravens Industries, a powerhouse in the field of mechanical augmentations for human implantations. In this future world dominated by capitalistic forces over governments, Black Raven is a mysterious figure, wielding immense power and harboring a chilling past, yet she remains controversial to the public.

Mizonokuchi Ribiya serves as the chief of security at Raven Industries, adeptly managing the company’s darkest and most unsavory tasks. After a conspiracy two years ago, she was transferred from Japan to Norway to oversee the daily life and safety of the Black Raven. Before this, Ribiya was the personal bodyguard of Black Raven’s mother, an expert in close-quarters combat and assassination, and somewhat well-known in the field. During her tenure caring for Black Raven, due to cultural similarities and the emotional void left by Nova’s death, Ribiya naturally became Black Raven’s lover, maintaining an adult relationship based on mutual needs. According to Ribiya, she remains absolutely loyal to Black Raven and her mother.

“I’m just an echo of your departed sister.”
Tyrr, her entrance into the Black Raven’s world was as dramatic as it was mysterious. She emerged from obscurity, surviving on earthworms near the Black Raven’s residence, her past a blank canvas. In her, the Black Raven saw a haunting echo of her lost sister, a resemblance so profound it was as if looking at a younger self. Compelled by this connection, the Black Raven secretly welcomed Tyrr into her life, viewing her as a surrogate for Nova, a bittersweet replacement for what was irrevocably lost.

And more characters are waiting for you to discover in the story…

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SteamOS + Linux


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    • Graphics: TBA
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: TBA GB available space


    • OS: TBA
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    • Storage: TBA MB available space
Starting February 15, 2024, the Steam Client will no longer support 32-bit games or macOS 10.14 or lower.


    • OS: TBA
    • Processor: TBA
    • Graphics: TBA
    • Storage: TBA MB available space

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Title: The Meridian Under the Heaven: Valhalla

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