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“Scottside” is a non-linear visual novel in the thriller genre. A small provincial town may seem quite dull. However, everything changes when you find a strange object in the forest.

About This Game

You are new to our town, right? You seem to attract trouble to yourself. Strange things started to happen with your arrival: Some kids told me about seeing a monster in the forest, and my best friend noticed a girl crying every evening in the neighbor’s house. And it’s said a creepy circus is going to come to our town. Our home robots are acting strangely. But what’s the most mysterious, is that children started missing one by one, and no one seem to notice, as if they have never even existed. Let’s try to find them together? But don’t tell the adults! They won’t believe us anyway, they’ll say we’re imagining things. So, what do you think, are you in?

«Scottside» – is a thriller nonlinear visual novel. The story takes place in the alternative version of 1980-s, where technological development is faster than you can imagine. A small provincial town surrounded by mountains and a dense pine forest appears to be quite a boring place. However, things change when you find a strange object in the forest. Inexplicable events start to happen in the town and you find yourself involved in an adventure. The adventure where every decision you make has consequences, defining your destiny.

5 episodes are planned to be released, all of which are connected, although they differ by a unique atmosphere.

Main Features

  • Unique game mechanics for this genre.
  • Enthralling story, that will remind you of that wonderful winter day, when you were still a carefree child.
  • Original soundtrack, causing the pleasant feeling of nostalgia.
  • Unexpected plot twists.
  • Unforgettable atmosphere.
  • Secrets and riddles are not only in the game, but also beyond it.
  • Characters you fall in love with.

    «Attention! This game contains scenes of physical violence and offensive language. Be careful and stay safe!»

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System Requirements


    • Processor: 1.2Ghz+
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB
    • Storage: 500 MB available space

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Title: Scottside

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG




Plotline Corp

Release Date: 2024

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