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Action design The monster moves widely, sometimes blinking, sometimes surprising, sometimes funny and ironic, With complete sound effects and special effects, players can experience unparalleled tension and excitement.

About This Game

What kind of game is this?

This is a horizontal 2D game of action, puzzle solving, exploration and plot. The game uses the plot of fragments as the main line to promote the game,

The design of each map is different, and the design elements in each map are very rich, such as hidden mechanisms and hidden shortcuts,

There are a large number of random elements in every corner of the map. The monster AI design is very intelligent and difficult. There is not only a single monster

And the challenges of elite monsters, boss and combination monsters. Each map has some interesting puzzles, and the puzzles of each map are different,

Players need to explore and discover that the map adopts maze design, which adds the fun of game exploration,

Players will have unexpected surprises at any time when exploring the game.

Game plot

Is it a world of darkness, judgment and alienation?

Greed, desire, anger and jealousy are rampant in different worlds.

But the ultimate alienation is not like an adult.

Is the different world the real world?

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System Requirements


    • OS: win10
    • Processor: i5

pandaman Game Download

Title: pandaman

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie





Release Date: Coming soon

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