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Ms. Candy will respond to your commands! She can talk dirty, lay down, sit, stand, dance or get into other positions for your entertainment. Once you meet her you’ll not want another virtual girlfriend.

About This Game

Meet Miss Candy! She does what you want her to do without complaining. If you ask her to sit she will find a place to sit in your room. She doesn’t just talk back she can talk dirty. If you ask she will get undressed, dance sexy, lay down or get into other positions you like.

The future you were waiting for is here, so get Miss Candy and discover pleasure through a digital experience.

When the game starts you will find yourself in a modern apartment setting with a female character called Ms. Candy. She will follow you with her eyes as you walk around the room while giving you instructions on what can happen next. On the tv screen you can read all commends that Ms. Candy can understand and respond to. Use your microphone to communicate with Ms. Candy. Use the joystick on your controller to move around the room. She can undress, dance, sit, stand, laydown etc. depending on her current position.

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 10

New Adult Reality Game Download

Title: New Adult Reality

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Simulation


New Adult Reality


New Adult Reality

Release Date: 5 Nov, 2018

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