Kakuriyo Village ~Moratorium of Adolescence~

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Ao & Hinori were both childhood sweethearts & accidentally went to a strange world called Kakuriyo Village. Because of her boyish appearance, the villagers mistakenly thought Hinori was a boy… Can they successfully hide Hinori’s genders and escape from the village!?

About This Game

As they mature, will they be together forever?

Emerald, green plants growing everywhere.
Sparkling white dirt shimmered on the gravel road from sunlight.
The storm clouds resemble the intimidating gates of a grand castle.
Most importantly, is the strange and endless blue sky.

The landscape filled with primitive colors looked so blindingly bright.
The climate ravages the flesh and revives memories of the past.
The shifting mirage reflects the fullness of being homesick.

The most special season for children.
The most ordinary season for adults.

The past that can’t be revived.

6 months later a couple of childhood friends Ao & Hinori met again during the New Year.
Escaping from a boring family party, their friendship sways between maturity and youthfulness…
Unexpectedly, on the way home, they accidentally broke into a village called “Kakuriyo Village”.

They didn’t realize that it was a sexist village where men and women had unequal statuses.
Because of Hinori’s boyish appearance, the villagers mistaken her as a boy.
So, until they find a way to escape from the village, they must figure out how to hide that Hinori is a girl…

There’s only one rule in this village that can not be broken, and that is ” You can not disguise your physical gender”.
Rumor has it, whoever breaks this rule will be punished horribly…

Can they successfully escape from the village?
It’s all left to the players to decide.

They experienced young love that sways between youthfulness and maturity.

“Even if you’re destined to love–And even if the gods wish you to love each other–
but you can’t be together because of fate,
to fight against this fate,
the god summoned his people here. To give happiness to the world–“

Hinori & Ao asked for help from the Shrine Maiden to escape but learned a shocking truth instead.

“If they return to their world, their paths will never cross again──”

The two of them will spend a year here.
They love each other forever in this constantly cyclical world that does not age or die,
or they find the courage to overcome their separation and look towards the future.
Their fate is all decide by “You” the player.

Explore the open village!

From morning to night, there are countless events in the village that are waiting for you to explore.
Let’s explore & discover all 4 seasons of this beautiful village with Ao and Hinori!

More than 20 fully-voiced supporting characters!
Enjoy interacting with all the residents!

  • Basic CG 80 pics (color)
  • Total of 200 scenes
  • All scenes are voiced
  • Expected playing time over 20 hours

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel Corei3-4340
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Storage: 5 GB available space

Kakuriyo Village ~Moratorium of Adolescence~ Game Download

Title: Kakuriyo Village ~Moratorium of Adolescence~

Genre: Casual, Indie, RPG


I’m moralist


BokiBoki Games


I’m moralist

Release Date: Coming soon

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