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Embark on a journey of overcoming and self improvement, in a land slowly being covered by darkness. Enjoy a realistic combat mechanic providing an immersive experience with high control of combat actions, spells and abilities. Start as a humble farmer and end as an epic supernatural hero!

About This Game

Under development

This game is under development and most of the content you see here is just a sample of the implemented content by December 2022 (some by April 2023) and is also subject to change. Join our discord to know more about the game and possibly contribute to the game development with ideas! https://discord.gg/qHU62ghFzt

Brief Description

Elengard: Ascension focuses on the idea of overcoming, self-improvement, power and… ascension! This is accomplished by: (1) making you start from a low position in the world; (2) providing a realistic-driven combat mechanic, which makes the game more immersive, challenging and, consequently, rewarding; (3) providing high control and high diversity of combat abilities, increasing the sense of freedom and power; and (4) allowing you to become superpowerful to the point where you transform yourself in an epic supernatural being. The ascension is not merely a gameplay element that makes your character powerful, it is also related to the events that happen in the story, as well as the philosophical reflections that emerge on the contemplation of light and dark, and of chaos and order.


1) Gameplay and Combat

  • Ability configuration: configure several features of abilities (especially spells), such as power, range, radius, and more. Let prepared as many pre-configured abilities as you want.

  • Spell actions: change the spell shape and behavior of some spells while casting. For example, make a magical barrier grow or shrink, explode or be projected into a stream, or even, control a Fire Tornado’s direction.

  • High control of combat actions: chose between a plenty of strategic actions, like, prioritizing block defense or dodge defense, area attacks or non-area attacks, swing attacks or straight attacks, weapon grip modes, combat modes like Speed X Strength, Aggressive X Defensive, and much more.

  • Reversed class system: most abilities have one or more associated classes. You are free to choose abilities without having class constraints, but you gain class levels when choosing a class ability. The class level is not a mere title, it can provide bonus and break prerequisites.

  • D&D-like classes: enjoy a group of classes inspired in the classical D&D classes, but built in a different way! Some examples are Soldier, Barbarian, Rogue, Wizard, Sorcerer, Priest, Paladin and Druid.

  • Animations and visual effects: animations are strongly interconnected with combat mechanics (i.e., if you dodge an attack, the animation shows a dodge, if you block, the animation shows a block). Visual effects will also be coherent to the spell behavior (e.g., effect increases with spell power).

  • Single player x Multiplayer: the development is aiming on singleplayer, with a strong intention to extend it to multiplayer in the future.

2) Lore

Elengard is a world in an early medieval age. There, you will find priests following and receiving powers from deities, mages studying about magic, druids living in communion with nature, elemental spirits protecting the lands and mythological creatures. Legends tell about the Godtouched, rare and powerful races born by the touch of the gods on humans. From time to time, Arganons arise, humans with a mysterious inner energy capable of enhancing physical, mental and spiritual attributes. Forces of chaos and order, good and evil, fight to shape the world into what they believe it should be.
Priests are devout deity-followers with a strong spiritual connection with their god, granting them passive and active powers, the later called Divine Favors. Divine Favors are invocations from the spiritual world. The spiritual connection results from many factors. First, an innate (but trainable) ability to mentally attune with the spiritual world. Second, a personality affinity with the followed god. And third, an ideological affinity with the god. The more the priest is in tune with the god, the easier is to receive divine inspirations and learn Divine Favors, and the more powerful they are.
Mages are bearers of an ethereal substance called Plasma. It is a strongly malleable substance, sensitive to thoughts and feelings. Mages manipulate Plasma trough thoughts and feelings to form spells. This procedure is called magic. Sorcerers do it by focusing on ideas and feelings related to the target spell (Idealistic spellcasting) and Wizards do it by mentalizing symbols (Symbolic spellcasting) that represent the microstructure of the molecules of the ethereal substances needed to create the spell. Since this can be very complicated and unpractical, they usually need to detect patterns in the symbol creation and use basic spells to procedurally create these patterns, thus, assisting in the formation of the final spell (this is called Creation Metamagic). Thus, Idealistic spellcasting is straightforward for emotive mages, but is unstable, unprecise and uncertain. Symbolic spellcasting is complicated, requiring high intelligence, but it is more stable and precise, providing more control over the spells.
Druids are mages with a strong connection with nature and elemental spirits. Druid magic always resembles nature elements and is created with the assistance of elemental spirits that are followers of the druid.
The Arganons are humans with supernatural abilities, usually (but not limited to) increased strength and physical resistance. They are bearers of an energy that can be channeled to enhance any attribute, including magic related ones. This is done by both meditation and exercising the attribute. For instance, an Arganon stimulating his intelligence, becomes more intelligent; stimulating strength, enhances strength. Arganons are believed to be born with this ability, although sometimes their power emerges only after they are adult. It is unknown what are the limits of the attribute-enhancement of Arganons.
Spirits are the inhabitants of the spiritual world. The spiritual world is made of ethereal substances that doesn’t interact with the material plane substances, giving the illusion that they are on different spatial dimensions of reality. However, there are other substances that interact with both the material and spiritual worlds, consisting in a bridge of interaction between them. One such substance is called ectoplasm, and it is produced by organic creatures, but in a tiny amount. However, some creatures produce it in large amounts enough to provide an interaction between the planes, usually from the spiritual to the material and in the form of materialization of spirits. Usually, spirits that materialize are the ones with more attachment to the material plane. Elemental spirits are workers of the order of nature. Their affinity to their corresponding element makes them close enough to the material plane that they are able to partially influence their element without ectoplasm.

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System Requirements


    • Memory: 8 GB RAM

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Title: Elengard: Ascension

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG


Stèphano M. M. G.


Stèphano M. M. G.

Release Date: Coming soon

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