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Crush Penguin is a visual novel inspired by games such as Hatoful Boyfriend and Club Penguin. Explore the lives of four different penguins each with their own viewpoint on the dystopian society they’re forced to live in.

About This Game


You just arrived back on the ‘Berg, your old hometown. It looks like a lot has changed here. Rampant corruption and pollution has really destroyed your old arctic home. Some places, like the Plaza, are almost unrecognizable. However, there are still a few gems and good faces in this sea of cold characters. It’s up to you to make your stay in the island worthwhile, and maybe even discover some things beneath the iceberg in the process.


– Multiple different endings and storylines

– Four penguins to date

– Large amount of supporting cast

– Sense of mystery, revolution, and misadventure…. depending on your penguin of choice

– Game is completely hand drawn!

– Original soundtrack

– Keep track of your dates with Penguinbook – the latest spyware on the island!

Meet the penguins!

Bailey – Bailey’s parents are really worried about her. She claims to have joined a “new wave religious movement”, but they’re fully convinced she’s joined a cult. Of course, that isn’t completely true! It’s more of a social movement that promotes equality and rising up against the corruption that’s spread around The ‘Berg.

Bailey has spent her entire life rebelling. After a lackluster performance at high school, she was given the ultimatum of going to college or being kicked out. She surprisingly exceeded there. For some reason, this really scared her. Had they broken her spirit? Had she conformed? She left shortly into her education, and has now resorted to working at a local pizza parlor. Bailey is described by some as “histrionic” and becomes attached really easily to anyone who shows basic respect for her and her drawings.

Alex – Alex is a business penguin, no doubt. At least, that’s what his peers and especially his father want him to be. He has a lot of accomplishments for a penguin his age, but the people closest to him know better. The grand majority of them were either attained by bribes or nepotism. In the previous years, Alex has attained as much rebellion as he can get away with. This usually involves partying or substance usage. His dad doesn’t really care, and is just trying to find a way to cut him out of his faux position at the PSA.

Joey – Joey has definitely seen better days. Hypnotized by the nightlife and big lights in the city, he has attempted to insert himself and make a name for himself as a rapper and life coach. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out exactly the way he planned. At this point, the party is long over, but he’s very determined to see his plans through.

Still though, it’s been extremely hard for him to integrate to life back on The ‘Berg, especially after getting back from being exiled for grand larceny charges. There is one thing the streets haven’t taken from him though: his love for animals. To him, animals are the only creatures that haven’t abandoned him and he will not tolerate anyone mistreating them.

Tommy – This penguin is certainly in the wrong era. But with how depressing his surroundings are, some people can’t blame him for wanting to go back several hundred years and roleplay as a pirate. Other people love to come to the beach and gawk at him. Sometimes it’s a lesson where parents will bring their kids to showcase what they should avoid turning into when they’re adults.

Tommy has no issues with his lifestyle however. To him, penguins were originally meant to be at sea, so what’s the issue with him returning to this lifestyle? Local authorities aren’t entirely sure his backstory or what to make of him. They tried to make some charges stick in the past, but failed.

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card
    • Storage: 235 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
    • Additional Notes: It’s literally just a visual novel.

Crush Penguin Game Download

Title: Crush Penguin

Genre: Indie


Crew Penguin


Crew Penguin

Release Date: 15 Oct, 2022

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