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The game where numbers are a weapon. On a simulated Earth, add, multiply, or combine the numbers which comprise the matrix’s code, and take advantage of a rich equipment system of weapons and scrolls in order to come up with devastating combos to annihilate your enemies.

About This Game

Step foot on Earth: 3026

Zephir and his two friends, Martha and Orox, are newly recruited soldiers of the Human World State. Born in a world of flames and chaos, the three friends try to make a life for themselves as their destiny is inevitably shaped by the greater conflict that is the war against the serpents, gigantic space-faring entities born in the depths of the cosmos, and hell-bent on devouring the Earth.

Game features

  • Choose your type of experience: Multiple difficulty modes are available at the start of the game, allowing for gameplay experiences tailored to the player. Play on the Greatest Difficulty mode in order to unlock additional content, such as a new area, new characters and new bosses!
  • Battle like never before: As the serpents attacked the Earth, Humanity had to adapt: Their scales were impenetrable, nothing could pierce their skin! Nothing… but oxygen. Highly concentrated oxygen. Fortunately for you, Earth is teeming with it, and the Human World State found a way to garner its energy in order to take down its space-faring enemies. Introducing: the Oxygun. Start using it, and see the molecules as numbers! Mix and match them in varied and interesting ways in order to come up with terrifying combos to annihilate your foes!
  • Customise your playstyle: Code5erpent’s unique focus on numbers and their mathematical properties during combat allows for every player to tackle each challenge however they see fit. The game is packed with a host of varied equipment pieces, such as weapons, armors and magic scrolls, spread around the world for you to equip and create the party that suits your playstyle.
  • Explore a war-torn overworld: Earth has changed a lot since when the serpents started their attack. Investigate a burning world, and meet what’s left of Humanity, barely surviving, trying to find a way to fight back against these space invaders under the command of the Human World State.
  • Enter mysterious dungeons: Just like any RPG worthy of its title, Code5erpent features multiple fully-fledged dungeons for you to enter. Crawl through great, maze-like structures, teeming with loot, enemies, lore, and mathematical puzzles for adventurers to sink their teeth into.
  • Experience a complex character-driven story: Travel the ruined world of Earth in the year 3026 alongside a colorful cast of six primary characters: Zephyr the pessimistic loner, Martha the fervent soldier, Orox the noble knight and their three instructors: Tomeo the special forces elite, CageHead, the mysterious robot, and Alaska, the passionate orphan girl that is (just a bit) psychopathic. Uncover the secrets of the serpents that attacked the Earth long ago and are still ravaging it, all while completing missions for the enigmatic Human World State. Friendship, love and hatred, brotherhood, betrayal and reconciliation; you will experience it all!

Meet the cast

  • Zephyr Clio

    The main protagonist of the story. A shy yet resilient boy, filled with an immense hatred for the leaders of Humanity and their inhuman methods of handling the war against the vrilles. He wishes to become a painter, but he never will. Like all of his peers, he has been bred to kill by the State, and so he will kill. No one cares about his art. No one cares because reality is war. War. War. Win the war. The state will decorate you for it.
  • Orox Chevalier

    Zephyr’s best friend. A tried, true and tested warrior, with a heart of gold. While mostly silent, he is a very good listener, and will do everything he can in order to make his friends happy. His sense of hoor is beyond exceptional.
  • Martha Teal

    A righteous girl, but a bit credulous. Her values are commandable, but her actions only contribute to the violence she wishes so intensely would stop. She loves Orox but hasn’t had the courage to try anything with him yet. Moreover, love has to wait. The 5erpents will kill us all if warriors like her don’t step up to the plate and fend off the aggressors.
  • CageHead

    The last member of a special military unit formerly known as the Fists of Salute. Equipped with the most lethal weaponry from all around the globe, this android made in the image of man can easily take on a 5erpent all by himself.After all of his comrades were destroyed during the war, CageHead took on a new identity and became friends with a then newly appointed member of the Special Forces: Tomeo Rider. The two went on to become the best combatants of the HWS.
  • Alaska Cranberry

    The newest addition to the Special Forces, Alaska is one of the most aggressive combatants the army has seen in a long time. She joined CageHead and Tomeo’s team after her life was saved by the latter, during the attack of her village by a group of rebels who were trying to dismantle the World State. Due to her starting her military training at the very early age of 6, she has never known anything other than blood and cold steel. Due to his, she developed a slew of mental disorders which shaped her into the psychopathic young adult she is today.
  • Tomeo Rider

    A disciplined and methodical warrior, Tomeo was the key to winning multiple important battles all throughout the time he has been serving the HWS. Due to his wide knowledge of the laws of the battlefield, he was appointed instructor by the leaders of the state, and that is how he met our three pupils: Zephyr, Orox and Martha.

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System Requirements


    • OS: 22H2
    • Processor: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1235U 1.30 GHz
    • Memory: 16 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel R Iris R Xe Graphics
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Integrated sound chip or more
    • VR Support: None
    • Additional Notes: None

Code5erpent Game Download

Title: Code5erpent

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy


Serpent Game Studio


Serpent Game Studio



Release Date: 2024

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