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Get ready to experience cryptids, the arcane and a murder mystery with your Bigfoot companion on the isle of Amadan! Using a mix of magic, and an arsenal of weaponry, level up your skill tree. As you and your team mates quest through this open world mystery adventure and earn many many many Haggis

About This Game

In a world, one hero is destined to change the course of this done to death intro, So welcome to island, a land somewhere off the coast of Scotland, somewhere between there and the really difficult squiggly bits near Norway. An island where last bastions of mythical creatures hideout. With their magic fading, they decided to concentrate their powers into one place. this allows them to exist in harmony, but something has upset the balance. After a tragic event, Things are now heating on the island and local humans are scared. Once friendly helpful creatures, sometimes neighbors and friends have become dangerous, unpredictable and some have even stopped doing yoga and tiktok!

So it seems like because the locals are really lazy and would rather be down the Rusty Badger pub having a few wee cheeky pints. They have given the job of solving this mystery to You… Hey at least if you solve it, you might just get free drink at the Rusty Badger. But what the locals don’t know is that the mystery has tentacles that go so deep that even Ccthulhu himself is jealous.

In Bigfoot vs Scots you play Isla as she explores the wind-sweeped and rainy isles of Amadan as the murder of x causes the great Bigfoot Clans into an uproar, and a thousand years of peace could be broken. Isla and her new Bigfoot companion must solve this murderous mystery before the crazy group of Human locals are wiped out as dark arcane magics twist the local crypids into bloodthirsty stalkers and you are tonight’s prey.

So with that bit of foreshadowing out the way, we just hope you have good laugh and a giggle and some epic moments while visiting the island. Just remember to add us to your wish list so we can send you updates on our progress and maybe some scandalous Edwardian ankle pictures from Mrs McGregor too.

*The humor in this game can get very adult so younger audiences beware*


Switch between 1st and 3rd person on the fly.
Open world questing system with random encounters.
Loot drops with unique weapons
Clothing items drop’s to customize your character.
Multiple skill trees
Haggis Points (Karma System).that can change the story

Beautiful windswept Scottish island
Voiced quest lines full of Scottish humor
Music featuring user submitted tracks
Comedy Podcasts Radio Station
Artwork showcase

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System Requirements


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/10/11
    • Graphics: 8gb
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 90 GB available space

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Bigfoot vs Scots Game Download

Title: Bigfoot vs Scots

Genre: Adventure, RPG

Release Date: Coming soon

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